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Why Clip-In 100% Human Hair Extensions?

Clip-In 100% Human Hair Extensions allows you to change your hairstyle more frequently by altering the colour, length and thickness to suit your desired look.  Clip-In Human Hair Extensions are the perfect way to immediately obtain the latest fashion trend or celebrity hairstyle, without costing a fortune or waiting a considerable amount of time for […]

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Ever wanted to try hair extensions but not sure what you should try first.  Here we identify the benefits of hair extensions and how this can help you achieve instant amazing results. For a first time user, it is recommended that you start with clip-on extensions.  These extensions are able to be installed and removed […]

Human Hair Extensions – Online Buying Tips

At Original Diva, we are continually asked by our customers what are the useful tips when selecting premium quality 100% human hair extensions.  This can be a daunting task given the number of ‘claimed’ professional suppliers on the internet who believe that customers can purchase 100% A-grade remy human hair for a third of our […]

100% Human Hair Extensions continues its Growth Spurt

100% human hair extensions are becoming more and more popular.  A recent article from Columbia News Service indicated that the global supply chain for human hair is growing at a rate of 40 % annually.  Also a report by the Professional Beauty Association indicated the number of U.S. salons offering hair extensions has increased 28.5% in […]

Introducing Original Diva!

Original Diva is considered the world’s luxurious hair extension brand, offering premium quality, custom designed products that are attractively packaged and affordably priced. Original Diva maintains a stellar reputation within the human hair extension industry because our fantastic remy human hair extension range has been designed to ensure all hair extensions are 100% natural, durable, […]

Why Original Diva?

Original Diva clip-on 100% human hair extensions are a convenient, damage-free product range of premium quality human hair extensions that allow you to change your hairstyle whenever you feel like it, by simply attaching the custom designed clip-on hair to your natural hair and removing it as desired. Original Diva hair extensions can be quite […]